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The beginning of Innovation
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The power to turn imagination and dreams into reality is the universality and generalization of technology. Research and development is continuously underway with the aim of discovering next-generation technologies that allow everyone to coexist and experience various experiences so that the benefits of technology can reach all lives.


Spatial information-based (Map data) ​autonomous driving algorithm

GuruIoT has a technology that converts digital twin maps into autonomous driving maps based on geospatial information. We are developing smart mobility at a reasonable price through digital twin solutions and single-channel lidar linked to IoT technology.

​Autonomous smart mobility

Real-time map data synchronization

Mobility control using an app

Integrated control based on map data


Reasonable specifications that do not depend on hardware performance

In order for our technology to be generalized and universalized, we provide the functions and specifications necessary for the service to meet the needs of the user, rather than the existing autonomous driving products that depend on hardware performance. By linking single-channel lidar with digital twin technology, we are making low-cost, high-efficiency, and reasonable products that consume less data.

Single channel lidar

Low production and maintenance costs

Deliver customized capabilities

Mechanism design
Mechanism Design

Beyond the limits of the mold avariety of materials and materials

In order to realize robots that can be directly experienced in daily life, we secured price competitiveness through a manufacturing method using more diverse materials and materials, rather than the existing method that relied only on mock-ups.

Diversification of materials and materials

User-specific customization

Reasonable production cost

Technical Summary

Another company

Point Cloud-based image analysis

Cost is very high,

​not custom


Low production cost and user-oriented 'customization' possible

LIDAR (over 32 Ch)

Use of camera (more than 7 million pixels)

Mold and mockup production 

Uniform structure and appearance

LIDAR (single channel)

Use of camera (more than 3 million pixels)

Fabrication of frames and exteriors using various materials

Driving platform-based Depending on the driving environment custom made

Optimal route setting applying lattice space code (landmark)

Patents and Certifications

Patent registration

Patent No. 10-2387974

Autonomous driving platform operated through a digital twin-based grid address system

Patent No. 10-1706507

Terminal interlocking movable body, terminal interlocking movable body driving system and driving method

Patent No. 10-1721386, No. 6893559 (Japan)

Mobile automatic feeder device, companion animal care robot, companion animal care system including the same, and method for controlling the same

​Patent application

No. 10-2020-0046437

Companion animal care robot in modular form using sensor system

No. 10-2020-0046442

An autonomous driving platform operated through a digital twin-based grid address system and a mobility system operated through it


PCT overseas patent application (USA, China, Japan)

Other industrial property rights

No. 40-2017-0033471

Class 28 Pet toys, etc. 20 cases

No. 10-2020-0046437

Class 28 Pet toys, etc. 20 cases


Rubotics trademark application


Rubotics trademark application

company certificate

Start-up company confirmation

Certificate of R&D service business report


Kict family company designation


Artificial Intelligence Technology Certificate


Certificate of Social Venture Business



business report


Venture Business Confirmation


Company-affiliated research institute certificate

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