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Leading the way in the future business creat the best value.

We continue to research and develop constantly so that everyone in the world can benefit from technology, and we provide low-end customization technologies and services through robots to solve modern social problems.

Autnomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

It has secured a high level of price competitiveness by reducing hardware material costs by 1/3 including integrated monitoring systems of digital twin applications linked to IoT technology, autonomous driving and obstacle detection algorithms, and efficient map data synchronization. As a project that provides convenience of movement, it can be expanded to driving robots for various purposes such as autonomous driving wheelchairs and autonomous driving travel scooters.
Digital Twin Solution Based Autonomous, Smart Mobility (WheelChair, Delivering, Guide) etc.
Smart Control System

Smart Control System

Smart Factory is a factory controlled by data and AI analysis in an IoT environment with a concept that is more than just automation. It provides a smart control system solution that is in the spotlight as a prevention solution in disaster safety situations such as crime prevention and fire.
Smart Sensors (GNSS, Gyro, Accelerometer, Temperature/humidity, Monitoring, etc.
Service Robot

Service Robot

It is a business to commercialize service robots by integrating IoT sensors and application programs into robots. It has expanded technologies such as healthcare robots for the safety and health of the elderly living alone, smart factory-utilized goods delivery robots, non-face-to-face service robots, crime prevention and security robots, and pet sitter robots PEDDY, which have a history of launching service robots in the B2C market. An example is providing care services for pets left alone.
Home, Security, Service, Education, Monitoring, etc.
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