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For your every day
accompanying begins.

Based on the experience and know-how of GuruIoT, which started from a new idea that did not exist in the world, we are starting to accompany you to increase the value of life. Now, we are expanding beyond pet care to human technology.

Difference in skill G.A.P creates
(GURU-Autonomous driving-Platform)
Luminious   +   Robotics  = RUBOTICS
Lubotics is a autonomous driving robot brand of GuruIoT, which means [an intelligent robot that lights up the world]. Enjoy a more convenient daily life with Lubotics' warm technology that considers people and the environment.

Customized service combined with autonomous driving platform

Map-based autonomous driving technology with reasonable performance and various functions required by users are modularized. It is possible to provide customized services in various places through a combination of platform and service modules without purchasing additional products.

Accurate indoor driving through existing map-based data

Optimal movement path and avoidance system that detects and judges itself

Customized service can be made

Product operation and control through real-time control


Autonomos Driving Platform

We support every moment of our lives, our daily lives of walking and communicating.

Based on the GuruIoT mobility platform, we have developed an autonomous wheelchair that can be conveniently used by the mobility impaired. With a simple touch of a button, you and your companions are guaranteed a comfortable transfer from the point of origin to the destination of your choice. In addition, the wheelchair can be controlled and operated through digital twin control, enabling convenient management.

Comfortable transport to your destination with one-touch button

Companion follow function 

Wheelchair control and operation possible through control

Automatic station return after service ends

Autonomos Driving Platform



Completed through a smartphone in a rawer 
'Smart Pet Life'

The problem of used smartphones that are increasing every year and the number of "petpam people" who regard companion animals as precious family members. The idea born to solve two social phenomena with one technology is Peddy, an indoor autonomous driving pet sitter robot for companion animals alone.
Pet sitter robot, PEDDY
Mobile CCTV
1:1 Interactive
video call
Snack & Feeding
Detect emergency situations
Video letter
Autonomous Driving
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